Product development:

  • V2 smart contract gas fee optimization
  • V2 smart contract structure optimization
  • V2 smart contract security defense design
  • V2 Order Book Mining smart contract development and testing
  • V2 front-end page design
  • V1 HECO version optimization and bug fixes
  • K-chart added to the V1 HECO version
  • Developed automated testing tools


  • Launched “Super Node Campaign”, partnered with 10 key media partners, 40 strategic media partners, and 20+ crypto communities
  • Released the V1 version “Listing Program” and its benefits to projects
  • Released platform token airdrop rules and our innovative NFT concept
  • Formed strategic partnership with Coinhub wallet
  • Collected feedback from…

NFT holders enjoy long-term dividends.

What is MyTrade’s Unique NFT Level System?

  • Users will be awarded NFT Levels (1–5) that are essentially ‘VIP Benefits’. Higher levels give greater privileges.
  • Your NFT Level is determined by your activity as either an LP or a Trader on MyTrade V1.
  • You will be sent an NFT to your wallet and that corresponds to your NFT Level.
  • Some of the NFT Holder Rights include: Additional Income from Staking, IFO Extra Weight Bonus, NFT Holders will have access to platform token Airdrop.

How to get an NFT Level on MyTrade?

LPs or Traders can receive NFT Level if they use…

MyTrade V1 DEX has officially launched on HECO Chain, with zero Maker trading fees. You can use MyTrade through decentralized wallets that support the HECO network such as Huobi Wallet, Token Pocket, and Bitkeep.

Take Token Pocket as an example:

1. Enter MyTrade

Select the HECO mainnet.

Note: Because transactions require HT to pay for gas fees, a small amount of HT needs to be reserved in your wallet for gas fees.

Discover Page — Search ‘mytrade’ in the search box at the top of the Discover Page and click to enter the MyTrade trading interface.

0% Maker Trading Fees

Double Trading Depth from AMM and Order Book Integration

How to use MyTrade on HECO?

1. It is recommended to use Huobi Wallet, Token Pocket, Bitkeep or other decentralized wallets that support the HECO network;

2. Switch your current blockchain network to the HECO mainnet within the wallet you are using;

3. Enter ‘mytrade’ or ‘heco.mytrade.org’ in the search box, and you can begin trading or add liquidity to a liquidity pool after logging in.

MyTrade brings the following value to the users of HECO: ability to place limit orders; 0% Maker trading fees; Defi mining…

This week, the V1 version of the decentralized exchange MyTrade will be launched on Huobi Eco Chain (HECO). Compared with other Decentralized ‘Swap’ platforms like Uniswap, MyTrade has been able to effectively integrate both an order book and AMM together on the blockchain. Traders can choose to place trades with either market orders or limit orders on the order book. Traders will get the best price from either the liquidity pool or the order book. Regardless if users are from centralized exchanges, or from other Swaps, you can get started quickly with an improved and unique trading experience.

MyTrade will…

MyTrade is positioned as a cross-chain decentralized exchange, and is not limited just to deployment on HECO or HPB, but also will include deployment on various public chains supporting EVM such as BSC, NEAR, and even Ethereum Layer2. In the future, MyTrade expects to become the largest cross-chain and cross-layer decentralized exchange, so that users and projects do not have to be restricted to the public chain where the tokens are originally issued. This freedom will bring maximum prosperity for everyone.

The launch of MyTrade V1 on HECO in April 2021 is an adjustment of our overall strategic plan and…

This is the first interview series #1 among the two cofounders, Jason from HPB and Kris from MyTrade.

HPB: Please briefly introduce MyTrade.

Kris: MyTrade is the first decentralized exchange based on the HPB MainNet that aims to inherit the superior user experience of centralized exchanges. MyTrade’s innovation lies in integrating both an order book and an automated market maker (AMM) together to ensure asset security, trading liquidity and user-friendliness.

HPB: Why did your team choose to build a DEX on the HPB public chain instead of Ethereum or other public chains?

Kris: The gas fees on the Ethereum network…


MyTrade is a decentralized exchange that integrates order book and AMM with dual trading depth. MyTrade is now launched on HPB and HECO Chain networks.

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