MyTrade July 2022 Monthly Report

Aug 6, 2022

Product Updates

  • Launch of, a set of Market Making SaaS tools incubated by MyTrade Labs.
  • MyTrade Features optimization: Token Info and Compare Price.
  • Cross-Chain Swap development.
  • DEX & CEX arbitrage development and testing.

Marketing and Operations

  • Strategic partnership with Ibee Finance and Hyperpay.
  • Partnered with CEX Bitmart who will offer the MyTrade MM SaaS Tools to their projects in need of market making.
  • Listed GensoKishi Metaverse (MV/USDT), Decentral Games (ICE/USDT), Request Network (REQ/USDT), Biconomy (BICO/ETH).
  • Featured Youtuber Coverage by Nervik:
  • Full Summary of Youtuber coverage for July: