MyTrade June 2022 Monthly Report

Jul 6, 2022

Product Updates

  • Market Making SaaS tool design and development.
  • DEX & CEX arbitrage tool development.
  • veMYT governance mechanism design.
  • IDO feature development.
  • Cross-chain swap feature design.

Marketing and Operations

  • MyTrade featured on Moonbeam Universe livestream, where community questions were answered and the MyTrade product was demoed for the Moonbeam community.
  • Strategic partnership with UniLend Finance, Chess Polygon and Metaline.
  • Completed MYT airdrop for early users of MyTrade V1 on HPB and HECO.
  • Listed The Sandbox (SAND / MATIC), Rubic (RBC / USDT), Telcoin (TEL / USDC), KINE (KINE / USDC), UniLend (UFT / ETH), Bloktopia (BLOK / USDT), and Planet IX (IXT / USDT).
  • Local Language Group growth in June. @MyTradeVietnamese, @MyTradeBengali, @MyTradeCzech, @MyTradeFrench, and @MyTradeIndonesian communities experienced the fastest growth in June.