MyTrade 2023 Review

1 min readJan 4, 2024


MyTrade has extended our business operations to 3 separate business units.

  1. MyTrade DEX

The DEX side has completed its tech development roadmap and will be free to use for the community. Cross chain swap feature will be able to trade all major assets on all major chains.

2. MyTrade MM

MyTrade Market Maker has served over 50 clients in 2023, supported over 20 CEX and DEX, achieving the highest client retention rate among all market makers. 3 major benefits for MyTrade MM worth mentioning here:

  • Transparent design that eliminates inside trading, solves the trust issue
  • lowest cost on market
  • best anti-arbitrage protection to ensure MM funds safety

MyTrade MM aims for a tier1 market maker spot in the next 2 years.

3. MyTrade AI and MyTrade Quant

MyTrade AI was initially designed to monitor the buy support/sell pressure of BTC, bring big data and intelligence to MyTrade Quant for processing quantitative trading decisions. In 2024, more incubation will be focused on this department to expand MyTrade AI to monitor all major assets on tier1 exchanges. We hope MyTrade AI can serve thousands of traders in 2024, bring signals to them on what assets to trade and when to trade. Also, partial quantitative strategies and tools will be opened to these retail traders for a monthly SaaS fee.

MyTrade branding will be upgraded in 2024 to serve multiple businesses related to secondary market trading activities ranging from DEX, market making, and quantitative trading.