MyTrade Monthly Report — June

  • V2 smart contract gas fee optimization
  • V2 smart contract structure optimization
  • V2 smart contract security defense design
  • V2 Order Book Mining smart contract development and testing
  • V2 front-end page design
  • V1 HECO version optimization and bug fixes
  • K-chart added to the V1 HECO version
  • Developed automated testing tools
  • Launched “Super Node Campaign”, partnered with 10 key media partners, 40 strategic media partners, and 20+ crypto communities
  • Released the V1 version “Listing Program” and its benefits to projects
  • Released platform token airdrop rules and our innovative NFT concept
  • Formed strategic partnership with Coinhub wallet
  • Collected feedback from professional traders/market makers/investment institutions and initiated strategic rounds of financing
  • Over 9,000+ followers on our social medias, 3,000+ independent trading addresses, peak TVL of 1.5 million USD, and peak daily trading volume of 100K USD
  • First trading competition with COPR, with a total trading volume of 6.34M COPR. 100K COPR has been distributed to top 100 winners
  • Chinese and English Whitepaper 1.0 designed for investors
  • Newly recruited a Marketing and Operations team currently consisting of 4 people, more staff will be added next month




Next Generation DEX, Not Just a Swap

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Next Generation DEX, Not Just a Swap

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