MyTrade May 2022 Monthly Report

Jun 7, 2022


Product Updates

  • Market Making SaaS tool design and development.
  • Referral feature design and development.
  • MyTrade VIP NFT design and development.

Marketing + Operations

  • Partnered with Bibox, airdropped to Bibox users, invited Bibox users to stake in Bibox, and conducted an AMA in Bibox Telegram community.
  • Partnered with ONTO, airdropped to ONTO users, invited ONTO users to stake on MyTrade via ONTO app.
  • Invited by Bitkeep to do an AMA in their Telegram community.
  • Listed Voxies on MyTrade Polygon, VOXEL / USDC Pair.
  • Formation of 12 MyTrade international language groups.

Turkish: @MyTradeTurkish

Thai: @MyTradeThai

Russian: @MyTradeRussian

Hindi: @MyTradeHindi

Japanese: @MyTradeJapanese

Spanish: @MyTradeSpanish

Vietnamese: @MyTradeVietnamese

Romanian: @MyTradeRomanian

Bengali: @MyTradeBengali

Czech: @MyTradeCzech

French @MyTradeFrench

Chinese @MyTradeChinese