MyTrade March 2022 Monthly Report

Apr 6, 2022


[Product Updates]

  • MYT Token Generation Event
  • Developed and launched MYT Claim Faucet on for IDO participants
  • Launched MyTrade V2 on Moonbeam with Trade and Liquidity features
  • Launched Bond feature on MyTrade Polygon
  • Launched MYT Liquidity Mining on Polygon
  • Trading competition feature ready
  • Market making tool R&D

[Marketing + Operations]

  • MYT Initial Listing on,, and
  • Co-operated with ZB to host a MYT Trading Campaign
  • Strategic partnership with Nomad, Celer, and Multichain cross chain solutions
  • Added many partnerships to MyTrade Venture Network for project initial listing and early stage project investment deal flows
  • Listed the first project Cougarswap on MyTrade Moonbeam, CGS/GLMR pair




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