MyTrade Launches MyTrade Labs and first 10M Fund!

Mar 23, 2022

MyTrade is pleased to announce the launch of MyTrade Labs with its first 10M USD Fund in March 2022, supported by Rawtech Ventures as the biggest LP,

MyTrade Labs has two functions: an investment arm, and an R&D arm. The investment arm will strategically invest in innovative projects across EVM-compatible chains, and the R&D arm will explore and solve pain points in the crypto space. The first 10M Fund will be investing actively in the blockchain ecosystem over the next 3 years.

MyTrade Venture Network has also been formed to support MyTrade Labs and the growth of innovative projects. This network consists of Investors, IDO launchpads, KOLs, communities, and centralized exchanges. MyTrade Labs invested projects will receive full access to the MyTrade Venture Network.