MyTrade January Monthly Report

1 min readFeb 8, 2022


Product Development:

  • Dual mining feature completed.
  • Burn & Earn bug fixes.
  • MyTrade V2 Moonbeam deployment. Ready to launch in February.
  • Development of Bond feature.
  • Integration and arbitrage between Quickswap AMM pool and our MyTrade order book. Feature is ready for testing.
  • Redesigning referral feature.

Marketing & Operations:

  • Prepping necessary resources for the launch of MyTrade Lab and MyTrade Venture Network coming up next month. MyTrade Lab has both the R&D function as well as an investment arm of MyTrade. MyTrade Venture Network is a resource pool of CEXs, KOLs, Communities, and VCs to help quality projects accelerate, with the ultimate purpose of initial listing of these quality projects on MyTrade.
  • Contacting a series of IDO launchpads for strategic partnership as well as MyTrade’s own IDO.
  • Hired a full time Marketing Manager and Customer Support.
  • Connecting and recruiting a series of shillers/marketers/KOLs to prepare for massive marketing of upcoming IDO and initial listing of MYT.




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