MyTrade is about to launch on Huobi Eco Chain (HECO)!

This week, the V1 version of the decentralized exchange MyTrade will be launched on Huobi Eco Chain (HECO). Compared with other Decentralized ‘Swap’ platforms like Uniswap, MyTrade has been able to effectively integrate both an order book and AMM together on the blockchain. Traders can choose to place trades with either market orders or limit orders on the order book. Traders will get the best price from either the liquidity pool or the order book. Regardless if users are from centralized exchanges, or from other Swaps, you can get started quickly with an improved and unique trading experience.

MyTrade will bring users the following new experiences and values:

  • Maker enjoys 0% trading fees;
  • Better trading depth with a similar TVL compared with other swaps;
  • DeFi mining income can be sold for higher profits through limit orders, without the need to constantly watch the market.

The emergence of MyTrade may change the way people evaluate DEX. One of the core metrics for most decentralized Swap products is the Total Value Locked (TVL). However for MyTrade, depth on the order book will be another core metric to focus on besides TVL.

MyTrade App Trading Screen
MyTrade App Order Book

Next Generation DEX, Not Just a Swap