MyTrade February 2022 Monthly Report

[Product Development]

  • Increased security protection measures of our site and repaired DDOS vulnerabilities. Hired a white hat hacker as a security consultant to help test vulnerabilities and advise on improvements.
  • Bond feature front-end development and testing.
  • Staking feature development.
  • Market Making Bot deployment.
  • Order Book Arbitrage bot optimization.
  • Trading competition.

[Marketing + Operations]

  • Successfully completed Private Round. 4% of Total Supply was sold at a 30M Valuation.
  • Successfully sold out IDO public sale with Infinity Pad, Bitkeep, Multipad, Moonedge.
  • Multichain + Nomad + Babyswap strategic partnership
  • Hired full time Marketing Manager, Community Manager and Customer Support.
  • MyTrade Labs established with a 10M USD Investment Fund raised. MyTrade Labs will be divided into two divisions: Investment and Advisory, and Research and Development. The investment arm will strategically invest in high quality projects across EVM-compatible chains, and the R&D arm will explore and solve pain points in the crypto space.
  • MyTrade Venture Network is established. This network will consist of Investors, IDO launchpads, KOLs, communities, and centralized exchanges.



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