MyTrade August 2022 Monthly Report

Sep 14, 2022

Product Updates

  • Launched Price Compare feature.
  • Launched Second Round of MYT Staking for 3/6/12 months pools.
  • Paused $GLMR / $USDC Liquidity Mining indefinitely due to Nomad Hack.
  • Multi-Chain Swaps function development.
  • IDO function development.

Marketing and Operations

  • Listed Firestarter (Flame/USDC), Nitro League (NITRO/MATIC), Sheesha Finance (mSHEESHA/USDT), and Affyn (FYN/USDC).
  • Delisted 18 Pairs from MyTrade Polygon due to poor liquidity and volume. Full List of delisted pairs here:
  • Partnered with Bibox who will offer the MyTrade MM SaaS Tools to their projects in need of market making.
  • Launched MyTrade MM Affiliate Program.
  • AMA with Crypto Warzone.
  • Formed new Local Language groups @MyTradeFilipino, @MyTradeUrdu, @MyTradeKorean. In total there are now 15 MyTrade Local Language groups.
  • Featured Youtuber Coverage by CRYPTOLORE:
  • Full summary of Youtuber coverage for August: