MyTrade — 2023 Q1 Summary

1 min readApr 19, 2023

Product Updates

  • Launched MyTrade AI and various tools, opening quantitative trading strategies from institutional investors to everyone who wishes to copy trade. MyTrade AI’s trading performance in 2022 is 3x of base investment.
  • Launched MyTrade cross chain swap, allowing users to to trade all assets across all major chains.
  • MyTrade MM features development and testing.
  • Delisted MYT token from MyTrade Polygon on February 10, while we are doing our strategic round of fundraising. MYT liquidity mining also paused.

Marketing and Operations

  • MyTrade MM partnered with over 15 tier 1/2 centralized exchanges and we served at least one client on each exchange.
  • Supported more than 10 projects/clients with our market making SaaS tool.
  • MyTrade is officially listed as an APP on Magic Square.
  • MyTrade AI is partnered with OKX as a super node as well as a lead trader, and will open up copy trade opportunities for individuals as well as crypto funds who wish to yield high returns with well controlled risks.