Next Generation DEX, Not Just a Swap
  • Launched Burn & Earn feature
  • Finished MyTrade V2 Beta Mobile development
  • Updated PC Home Page UI
  • Trading Competition feature development
  • Dual mining feature development
  • Tokenomics update
  • Won Best DeFi Project category in the Polygon Hackathon
  • Announced top 3 Winners for Video Contest and Article Contest
  • Launched MyTrade Venture Partner Program
  • Launched MyTrade Project Partner Program
  • Launched MyTrade Logo Contest
  • IDO applications and discussions
  • Onboarded new VCs, global KOLs, and a centralized exchange as strategic investors

Final winner receives 500 USDT + 5K MYT!

Initial wireframe designs that pass the evaluation will receive 2K MYT.

Refer your designer friends to join our Logo contest and get 100 USD if your friend wins!

  • Burn & Earn design during experimental phase;
  • Setting up Market making for order book;
  • Optimized data processing for mining;
  • Gas fee optimization to make MyTrade the fastest DEX on Polygon;
  • Integration with Infura and The Graph;
  • Alpha bug fixes and front-end optimization;
  • Server configuration optimization.
  • MyTrade V2 Alpha became the fastest DEX on Polygon;
  • Onboarded several angel investors and large global KOLs as strategic investors;
  • AMAs in Krystal, ForTube, Channels, Kogecoin, and Flux Telegram communities;
  • Launched MyTrade Global Ambassador Program — over 400+ applications received;
  • Signed up for Polygon Grants Hackathon. Presentation/Demo scheduled in October;
  • Polygon Smart Contract Audit completed by Armors Lab.


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