2022 MyTrade Year in Review

2 min readJan 18, 2023


As the new year has turned, we look back at some of the key events and milestones of 2022 for MyTrade and also look forward to some of the exciting stuff we have planned for 2023.

Completed Seed Round Investment

We started in 2022 with the completion of our investment rounds from a collection of investors with VC and KOL backgrounds.

Launch of MyTrade V2 on Polygon and Moonbeam

We launched MyTrade V2 on Polygon first, then followed by Moonbeam.By the end of 2022 we had accumulated the following stats on MyTrade.org

Total wallet addresses (users): 4602

Total smart contract interactions: 392,738

Total trading volume: $10,523,151

Total transactions: 139,843

Launch of MyTrade Labs and MyTrade MM

MyTrade Labs is the for-profit-arm of MyTrade and seeks to strategically invest in innovative crypto projects and also incubate projects that can solve pain points in the crypto space.

MyTrade MM is the first project incubated by MyTrade Labs. We have received strong positive feedback from our current clients and are happy to announce a 100% conversion rate from clients free trial account to paid account, as well as 100% client retention rate.

Whats Next in 2023?

1. MyTrade will launch cross chain swap in Q1 2023, including all assets and all major chains, and will achieve our first mission “Best price for takers”.

2. Our MyTrade MM client base is growing steadily and we plan to spin MyTrade MM off as a daughter company in Q1 2023 with an upcoming strategic fundraise.

3. MyTrade AI is the second project incubated by MyTrade Labs, opening quantitative trading strategies from institutional investors to everyone who wishes to copy trade.